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Ali Gator by Chazpro

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Effect: A mini deck (supplied), is shown and shuffled, then a card is selected and returned to the deck. While the spectator mixes the cards, the performer brings out a small, paper bag, claiming he has a pet alligator inside. He also claims the alligator can do a card trick. He reaches inside the bag and slowly lifts out a chain, on the end of which is an alligator clip. The mixed deck is dribbled into the bag, then ‘Ali Gator’ is lowered in. After only a second or two of sniffing, Ali Gator is raised out of the bag with a card in it’s mouth! Unfortunately, it’s the wrong card! The performer asks the spectator to concentrate harder as he lowers Gator back into the bag. After only a second, Gator comes out of the bag again, this time with the correct card. Instead of missing the first time, Gator can locate two chosen cards.

Ali Gator can locate anything else that will fit in his mouth, including coins. Great for message tricks, product promotions, etc. Easy to do. Comes with everything you need.

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Approx. Price: $14.95 (2008) ***

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