Magnetic Silver and Copper by Johnson Products

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A Scotch and Soda type effect that works magnetically instead of “locking.” This means you don’t need a bang ring with these coins, just your hands. Perform visual vanishes of the English penny. A number of different routines are supplied, but the combinations possible with this unique set of coins are limited only by your imagination.  To be honest I’m not sure what the difference between a magnetic Scotch and Soda is and a Coin Unique.

Effect: Here is just a sample: A drinking glass is held in a horizontal position and two coins are set inside: an English Penny and a Half Dollar. The glass is slowly tipped up causing the coins to slide towards the bottom. When they reach the bottom, the Penny penetrates through the glass and falls onto the table leaving just the Half Dollar in the glass.

Effect No. 2 A handkerchief covers the mouth of a drinking glass. Two coins are resting on the handkerchief. As they are picked up, one of the coins passes through the handkerchief and drops into the glass. Not one unnatural move from start to finish. It’s easy to see why this is one of our most popular items. A four-piece set that features tremendous versatility. Easy to follow routine included.

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