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Jack Hughes World of Magic (Compilation Edition) by Jack Hughes, Derek Lever

(c. 2012)

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1 review for Jack Hughes World of Magic (Compilation Edition) by Jack Hughes, Derek Lever

  1. Andy Martin

    The legendary British Inventor, Craftsman, and Dealer, Jack Hughes, invented many staples in magic that we take for granted today (including: TV Card Frame (1936), Coins in Glass (before Copenetro) (1939), Attaboy (early 1930s), Clatter Box (1951) and many more.

    I grew up in the UK dreaming of owning some Jack Hughes effects. It was clear that the House of Hughes was producing some of the best magic around. I was able to buy a few of his items, but for the most part his effects were too expensive for my pocket.

    Thirty years on, it is a wonderful pleasure to look through this impressive volume to relive so much of Jack’s magic.  The Jack Hughes World of Magic Compilation Edition by Derek Lever was presented to the registrants of the 2012 FISM convention. It covers all three volumes that were released earlier by Derek Lever and gives very detailed instructions on how to build nearly all of the House of Hughes magic.

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