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Attaboy (Original) by Abbott’s, Jack Hughes

(c. 1937,1946) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The legendary British Inventor, Craftsman, and Dealer Jack Hughes invented many staples in magic that we take for granted today (including: TV Card Frame (1936), Coins in Glass (before Copenetro) (1939), Clatter Box (1951) and many more.

Effect: He also invented this beauty, Attaboy, c. 1937. This version was manufactured by Abbott’s in Colon, Michigan, who own the exclusive USA manufacturing rights. Three cards are selected and returned to the pack which is placed into a houlette at the feet of Attaboy – an 18 inch cut-out of a smiling bellboy, who holds a second houlette against his chest. One by one, cards are taken from the deck in the lower houlette and passed in front of Attaboy’s eyes, then dropped into the upper houlette. Spectators may stop the performer at any time a card is held before the boy’s eyes and when that card is turned over, it is always one of the selected cards. This is repeated for each of the remaining selected cards. Only one pack used, in fact the deck may be a borrowed one.

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1 review for Attaboy (Original) by Abbott’s, Jack Hughes

  1. Andy Martin

    This has always intrigued me

    The original Abbot’s version of Attaboy is still the best in my opinion. The cheap indian import looks ok until you try using it then you realize how much better this one is. Very convincing: you take cards from the bottom holder and place them in the top holder. Stop whenever the spectator says so, and in your hand is their card!

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