Ad Infinitum (Improved) by Taurus Magic Supply, David Howarth, Robert Harbin

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Jack Hughes manufactured this item in 1947 when he was in partnership with Harry Stanley at Unique Magic Studio, London. Robert Harbin had approached Jack with a basic design which was very ‘rough and ready’. Jack made several improvements to the original design and produced a very attractive prop which worked very well indeed. Only around 50 were produced as this was in the early years of Unique Magic Studio, but it proved to be a slow seller and no further models were produced. Permission was granted to Abbotts Magic in the U.S.A. to market the item and they called it ‘Imagino’.

Effect: The late Robert Harbin invented the original clever effect It lacked one thing….A REALLY GOOD CLIMAX. So Uncle David set to work and cam»up with a refinement to the original mechanism which adds a LOGICAL and RAFFLING ending to this super trick. A thin tray is shown along with two wooden (which can be examined). The tubes tray and to an amusing story, , a DLUE into the right hand tube…immediately he reaches into the left hand tube and pulls out the VERY SAME SILK.

This is repeated AD INFINITUM…for as long as you want….the same silk being nlaced in one tube and coming out of the other. Finally the performer says the audience must suspect that TWO SILKS are being used….well there are….and he promptly pulls out A RED SILK AND A YELLOW SILK….the blue one has gone and the tubes are shown empty. The blue silk can be marked if desired. Mechanical in operation.

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