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Clatter Box by Jack Hughes

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Jack Hughes invented the Clatter Box c. 1951 and it appears in his World of Magic Vol. 2.

Effect: After removing a silk from it, the performer passes a polished box to a spectator to hold. Saying that he is going to pass a silk back to the box. The magician vanishes it and asks the volunteer to open the box. On doing so the victim is amazed to find that the box breaks into several pieces which fall to the ground with a crash, while the helper is left holding the handle from which hangs the missing silk.

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1 review for Clatter Box by Jack Hughes

  1. William

    If you work with children get a clatter box.

    I have two different clatter boxes but the above box has worked for years and has never broke. The "special" nobe was a little hard to pull but I make sure the pin is almost all the way out to make things work better. Once again if you work with kids you will have some fun finding the silk you vanished return to the inside of the clatter box.

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