Vis a Vis by Jack Avis

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Details: With hundreds of tricks published in magazines over the past forty years, Jack Avis is one of the most prolific creators of modern close-up magic. Jack’s classical, thoughtful magic with cards, coins, mentalism, ring and rope, and assorted objects will impress you with its simplicity and elegance. 

Tricks Include:

  • Christmas Coin Vanish
  • Movie Coin Vanish
  • Salute to Ramsay
  • Alaskan Poker
  • Autodeck
  • Mystery of Dr. Elliott’s Legacy
  • Variations on Scarne Run-up Systems
  • Nu Way Shell Game
  • Pinochle Caper
  • Hofzinser Ace Trick
  • Silva Ace Cutting
  • Houdini ring
  • Escape from Ellis Island
  • Cuball
  • Loops Entwined
  • Magical Sucuba
  • Poker Chip Chicanery
  • Spirit Detection
  • Spooky
  • Rara Avis Card Stab
  • Hole in the Table
  • and many more


Page 008 INTRODUCTION ( Peter Warlock )
Page 009 FOREWORD ( Jack Avis )


Page 011 Christmas Coin Vanish
Page 013 Movie Coin Vanish
Page 015 Namreg Coin Box Routine
Page 018 Salute to Ramsay
Page 021 Gus´n Jack Coin Trick
Page 024 Two for the Flight of One
Page 026 Avis Turnover


Page 028 Dripple Top Palm
Page 030 Swing Cut Bottom Palm
Page 032 Double Undercut Bottom Palm
Page 034 Thumb Clip Steal
Page 036 Center Double Lift ( Two Methods )
Page 040 Bonnie and Glide ( Multiple Glide )
Page 042 Siva Hindu Force
Page 044 Waterfall False Shuffle
Page 046 Hugh´s Cut
Page 048 Avis Fan Switch
Page 051 Siva Count ( Ambitious Siva Takes the Count )


Page 054 Alaskan Poker
Page 056 Auto Deck
Page 058 Flipping Swindle
Page 060 Mystery of Elliott´s Last Legacy
Page 064 Variations On Scarne´s Runup System
Page 066 Nu Way Shell Game
Page 069 Pinochle Caper
Page 070 Weight Lifter


Page 072 Chosen Ace Through the Table
Page 075 Hofzisner Ace Trick
Page 078 Flash Ace Production
Page 080 Siva´s Ace Cut


Page 083 Change In Handling
Page 084 Sport Detector
Page 086 Folding Numbers
Page 088 Poker Chip Psi
Page 091 Chance in Four
Page 093 Impromptu Auto Cue
Page 095 Spirit Detection
Page 098 Spooky Time
Page 100 All Fair Predict – o – matic
Page 102 Queen Tells All
Page 103 Avis Deal Switch
Page 104 Tupax into One
Page 106 Predicted Stopping Place
Page 108 Three to Die
Page 110 Magical Sucaba
Page 112 Cards Of Pegasus
Page 115 Slate of Hand


Page 118 Hole in the Table
Page 123 Rara Avis Card Stab
Page 127 Wishing Envelope
Page 129 – The Wishing Envelope
Page 129 – The Dissected Joker
Page 130 – Transposed Marlo Reverse
Page 131 O´Connor Caper
Page 133 Hotel ´81
Page 135 So Fair Card / Cigarette Transpo
Page 137 Useful Jokers


Page 140 Safety Cut
Page 143 Cuball
Page 145 Houdini Ring
Page 148 Escape From Ellis
Page 151 Loops Entwined

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  • Publisher: Kaufman and Company
  • Pages: 155
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Edited by: Jon Racherbaumer, Richard Kaufman
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1998
  • Binding: hardbound

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