Watch Your Back – TMS by Doug Gorman

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When Doug first showed this to me it held great promise and after a bit of tweaking with Doug it was smoothed out into what I feel is a very clean, visual and entertaining routine.

Effect: A red deck of cards is shown to be all different and a prediction is placed face down in front of the spectator. Next a card is selected. The card that they selected is placed on the table face up. You then turn over your prediction and mention “Well the back of the card matches.” This is not too impressive, until you spread the full deck and show that they are a mixture of colors. At this point you confess to being prepared in that instance too and spread your prediction card to show that you in fact have 4 cards each with a different back. However, when you turn them over they are all the same except for the red backed card which matches theirs.

Now, the finale comes along as a real kicker and you turn over their card to see the color is a totally different color from any of the other cards – and magically your prediction card has changed too!

What I particularly like about this effect is not only is it visually appealing, but there is plenty room for the spectators to feel you have failed and each time you surprise them by correcting the problem. It also has a very simple and quick reset, so it is great for restaurant work.

I really like the way Doug routines his effects and this is no exception. This is also a great lead in to the Magic Chameleons released by Doug and Paul Mims last year.

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