Magic Chameleons – TMS by Paul Mims, Doug Gorman

(c. 2005)

I’ve performed it a few times and it kills! The basic effect is this: 3 cards are chosen from a blue backed deck and then the 3 Magic Chameleon cards are shown and as they are placed on top of the chosen cards one at a time they are shown to change to the same card. Then each card is transformed to one of the chosen cards, and finally the colors of the backs of each chosen card changes to the Chameleon cards (red, green and black) and the rest of the deck are shown to be blue.

This is one of those tricks that needs to be seen to be appreciated. it requires one simple sleight and everything not only is clean at the end, but reset is almost automatic.

Everything about this effect has been cleanly routined and with about an hours practice you will have an incredible effect to perform for the rest of your life. This is already slated for my Christmas shows.

Approx. Price: $14.95 (2006) ***

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