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Try The Impossible by Simon Aronson

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Details: An all-new, in-depth look at the Aronson Stack, with over 25 new effects that require no memorization and retain the entire stack intact!

  • spectator freely names any card. A second spectator freely touches any card – which matches the named card! And the performer never even looks through the deck!
  • two freely selected and replaced cards to virtually any two positions you desire – without any sleight-of-hand!
  • dealing five strong poker hands, each better than the previous one, with the dealer receiving a Royal Flush in Spades – and being able to instantly repeat it again and again, with no resetting!
  • Two freely selected cards magically appear at two freely named numbers!
  • The deck itself correctly reads a spectator’s mind, four times, to reveal her selected card – and discovers the matching four-of-a-kind as well!
  • One spectator freely chooses and pockets two cards, whose identities remain unknown. From a second, shuffled deck another spectator freely touches two cards – and both cards match the first chosen pair!
  • Aces assemble one-at-a-time, and then all appear under the spectator’s hand – with no extra cards and no palming!
  • Predict the exact location of two freely cut and replaced cards!

And there’s so much more…mind-boggling locations, spelling effects, a gambling scam, the Head Over Heels move, memorized deck effects, the UnDo Influence control, and even a rap Ace production! Try the Impossible presents a wealth of new, baffling and entertaining card magic – that doesn’t depend on difficult sleight-of-hand. Hardbound, over 275 large (8½ x 11) pages, beautifully illustrated with over 120 photos and reasonably priced at only $40 (postpaid in the U. S.)

BONUS EFFECT! Although Try the Impossible was intended to be an “all card” book, at the last moment Simon was persuaded to reveal “Ringleader” – Simon’s incredible finger ring through rubber band routine. In the book, nine pages of text and over 20 photos help explain one of the most visual pieces of magic you’ll ever see! 


i Introduction (Joshua Jay)
ii Preface

Chapter I UnDo Influence
3 Prior Commitment: includes The Face-Down UnDo; Variation 1441; Variation 1839; “Surprise!”
12 Queenspell: The Face-Up UnDo
20 Divide and Conquer
26 Euph-Oracle – an Alternate Take: Euph-oracle (a Double Elimination Procedure); More-or-Less-acle; Alternate Take Deck Switch
31 Random Tandem
37 Worker Bees: Double Progressive Spell Stack
46 Twice as Hard: Joker Presentation; Basic Calculation (3 Packet Displacement); Mindreading – A “Non-Removal” Displacement Presentation; Fixed Middle Calculation (4 packet displacement); Packet Displacement Variations; Mathematics: Theory and Practice
68 UnDo Influence: Theory and Practice: Mathematical Considerations; Selections Procedures; Adjustment Procedures; 72 – Revelations/Creating New Effects: Includes Stop It!; Twice as Hard … the Hard Way; Spelling; Pseudo Estimation; Pseudo Memory; Plots with the Face-Down UnDo – and Odd Cards; Plots with the Face-Up UnDo; Fortune Telling; Blackjack; Double UnDone – with Two Decks; As a Control; Stack Preservation; The Reverse Mode; Formulas for Indicator Positions

93 Chapter II Eccent-tricks
95 Head Over Heels: Transposition; Glimpse; Into a Visual Change; Invisible Card; In-the-Hands Triumph; Positioning the Card to Any Number
104 O’Aronson Aces: Zarrow-Elmsley Addition
117 Nosnora Aces: Marlo’s Swindle count Vanish; Elmsley count plus Partial Rhumba Count Vanish; Broken Elmsley Count Vanish; “Discrepancies”
131 Simon’s Flash Speller
136 Spell It Out: Mark-a-Place 
143 Decipher: Decipher Deck Switch
149 Two Deck Canasta
155 Choices
161 Breathing Spell: Dizzy Spell; Queens and Kings
171 Two Beginnings: S.A. Combination; Under the Spread Cull
175 The Invisible Card
179 Oddly Enough
184 Rap-Ace-ious

191 Chapter III Unpacking the Aronson Stack
193 Introduction: Stalking the Stack
198 Aces Awry (Producing the Aces): The Basic Procedures – Riffle Force; Basic Spelling Procedure; Basic Clean Up; Alternative Procedures for the Aronson Stack Effects – Revelations “Along the Way”; Double Push Off; Reverse Dealing; Setting up for the Riffle Force; Other Ace Productions
209 Four on a Match (Producing the Fours): The Indicator; Four More
213 Jack Coincidence (Producing the Jacks): Bill Simon Prophecy Move
217 The Mind Reading Deck, Part 6 (Producing the Sixes): Adding Magical Productions
220 The Mind Reading Deck, Part 9 (Producing the Nines): Mirror Nines; Direct to the Nines
223 The Mind Reading Deck, Part 7 (Producing the Sevens)
226 Two by Four (Producing the Twos): Nate Leipzig Spin Cut Production
231 Fit Four a King (Producing the Kings): Four Selections; One Force; Reversing the Stack; Mirror Kings; Reverse Deal Routines
236 Joshing With The Threes (Producing the Threes)
238 Routine Maintenance (Poker Deal Restoration): Once and Again Display (Restoring a Matrix Stack); Poker Routine Deck Switch; Mental High Card
245 Truth-Sayer: The Ace of Clubs Lie Detector; The Five of Spades Lie Detector; The Three of Diamonds Lie Detector; The Queen of spades Lie Detector
252 Odds and Ends: Deal and Duck Poker; Last Five Standing; Royal Flush; Any Kind of Poker Hand; Reciprocal Spell Pairs; Take Two; Next of Kin; Identical Twins; Distant Cousins; Distant Cousins, Once Removed; Family Reunion; Threespell (using UnDo Influence); Built for Two (using UnDo Influence); Triple Trick Tip; Sequence Spells; 52 Pickup; Sequence Spell Deck Switch; Reverse Stack Sequence Spells

269 Ringleader
278 An Interview by John Bannon
289 Bibliography

  • Publisher: Simon Aronson
  • Pages: 288
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2001
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Try The Impossible by Simon Aronson

  1. Marc Rehula

    Achieve the Impossible

    Aronson outdoes himself here. He has already written some of the best card magic books ever written, including what is likely the most popular memorized stack. But this has to be his best book yet.

    Consider the first trick in the book. Work through the clear, thorough description of the method. You will fool even yourself! The UnDo Influence is a revolutionary principle that is counter-intuitive, so it produces a lovely effect however you use it.

    The middle section of the book has some wonderful ‘miscellaneous’ material. Then there is a section of wonderful material utilizing the Aronson Stack. But get this: You don’t need to memorize the stack! Not for ANY of the wonderful routines.

    The routines are deceptively easy. So easy that many magicians will dismiss the material as ‘self working’ but don’t be one of them! Several sleights are suggested and explained, but this is not sleight heavy material. The emphasis is on the impact of the effect. So if you are a beginner, wondering how to break into the intermediate level, this is a perfect place to start. Create startling, original effects without difficult sleights.

    Aronson is widely respected among the top magicians, but interestingly his material is not as often performed as it should be. After working through the routines in Try the Impossible you will agree. But then you won’t tell anyone about the book because you will want to keep these golden secrets for yourself.

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