Technicolor Thunder by David Solomon, John Bannon, Simon Aronson

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Effect: Six Jokers are shown, each with a different brightly colored Casino back. The performer explains that each card represents a memorable gambling experience in six different casinos. But, the magician points out, the Jokers by themselves are meaningless in Poker.

The performer tells the spectator that the Jokers are wish cards. He asks the spectator to wish for a card in poker. One of the Jokers is immediately changed to the Ace of Spades. The next card wished for is another Ace, but this time the wish is not granted but the King of Spades is produced which is well on the way to one of the best hands in Poker. The next three cards fill the Royal Flush in Spades.

But what is the sixth card on the table? The sixth Joker is revealed to have transformed into the “Rules of Poker” card ranking Poker hands which shows that the Royal Flush is the most powerful hand in Poker! All of the faces and backs of the cards are shown creating a fooling effect – Technicolor Thunder!

All the cards are beautifully custom printed; includes detailed instructions with 13 photos.

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