Simply Simon by Simon Aronson

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Details: Simon’s biggest book to date, exploring classic themes such as the Birthday diary (with the full year Calendar Card), a hefty chapter on the memorized deck (including Simon’s essay on the Open Index, Past, Present and Future, and his famous Everybody’s Lazy). In This Side Up, a spectator-signed card literally transforms into an Instruction card that has been in full sight the entire time. The triple prediction Point Spread will fool the most sophisticated mathematician – yet it’s entirely self-working.

For those who want intriguing sleight-of-hand miracles, there’s the Aronson Stripout, and the card stacking demonstrations Simple Double Duke and Stack in Trade. And a diabolical new tool: the Cross Index Index. Plus Child’s Play, the Trained Deck, and Fate…and so much more!


Introduction by John Bannon


1 I. Games Magicians Play
3 Point Spread
19 Moves and Removes
31 Child’s Play

45 II. Short Order
47 Simple Double Duke
52 Stack in Trade: Overhand Shuffle Version; Collins Vanish Version
61 Three For Two
65 The Aronson Stripout: Push Through Variation; Front Lift Variation
73 Quad-Mates Revisited: Four Card Touch Force
79 Doublestop Simplified

85 III. Something Extra
87 This Side Up
96 Happy Birthday
103 The Calendar Card
113 Two Possibilities: MC Spread Double Lift

121 IV. Well Stacked
123 The Trained Deck: Mark-a Place Move
136 Double Lazy
139 Spell Check
144 Suit Yourself

151 V. Memorable Events
153 Past-Present-Future
162 Lazy Memory
167 Everybody’s Lazy
173 Two Wrongs Make it Right
179 Taking Advantage of One’s Position
187 Self-Centered
194 Madness in Our Methods
203 Topsy Survy: Target Scanning
216 High Class Location
222 The Open Index: The S.A. Combination

239 VI. The Cross Index Index
241 Charting the Course
249 Fate
271 Signs:  PIP Stack – Position Information Procedure; Incomplete Faro Placement
302 Uncharted Territory

307 Bibliography

  • Publisher: Simon Aronson
  • Pages: 308
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1995
  • Binding: hardbound

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