Thayer Quality Magic Vol. 2 by Glenn Gravatt

(c. 1979,1993) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Wow – what a treasure trove of magic in these volumes! As I buy more books I realize how much magic is out there, and how few truly new ideas have occurred in the last 10, 20, 30, or more years!

These are a wonderful historical document of 100’s of the marvelous items that came from Thayer. When you read through the effects with their accompanying instruction sheets you recognise so many effects that are still being pushed today as new ideas!

The first time I saw Shakespeare’s Hamlet I remember thinking how many cliches were used, forgetting of course that when the Bard wrote the play the phrases were new. These Thayer volumes are reminiscent of that – so many of these effects were new with Thayer, but today we consider them public domain.

If you have any abilities to construct magic you could be building your own magic for years to come!

Details: “Volume 2 of this Thayer Quality Magic Instructions Sheets series has selected magic in sixteen categories from several of the Thayer catalogs.

Here are some of the best Thayer illusions, mental magic, escapes, and a wide variety to please every magical enthusiast… Enjoy the best from the Golden Age of magic marketed by its leading dealer, Floyd Thayer.”

The second book in this tremendous series covers Balls, Birds, Cards, Dice, Eggs, Escapes, Flowers, Illusions, Liquids, Money, Parlor Tricks, Stage Effects, Rings, Rods, Pillars, Silks, Slates, Spiritualistic Effects, and Mental Magic. Contains catalog description, illustration, and complete instruction sheets for each effect.

Contents  (from Lee Jacobs edition book ToC):

1 Tricks With Balls
1 Multiplying Billiard Balls
4 Unique Rainbow Billiard Ball Trick
7 Bingo Billiard Ball Vanish
8 Ball and Handkerchief
9 Diminishing Billiard Ball
10 Peerless Billiard Ball Stand
11 Reyaht’s Eccentric Tube
16 Floating Ball

18 Tricks With Birds, Etc.
18 Chafing Dish
19 Magical Shot and Enchanted Cage
20 Birds From Nowhere
22 Hong Kong Duck Vanish
24 Fishing Trick
25 Welsh Rarebit Pan

27 Tricks With Cards
27 Siril Card Target
28 Card Tower
29 Card and Coin Easel
30 Rising Cards
32 Do Kolta’s Rising Cards
33 Presto Rising Cards
36 Cards Through the Air
37 Rising Cards Mysterious
39 Novel Card Problem
40 Psychic Thought Waves
42 Electric Pack of Cards
43 Wizard’s Deck
47 Diminishing Cards
48 Supreme Card Effect
49 Stop Card Trick
50 Card Mystery
52 Card in the Egg
53 Improved Card Sword
54 Velvet Card Banner
55 Mystic Pocket Knife
56 Nickel Card Box
57 Card Box
59 Knock ‘Em Dead
61 Cards From the Pocket
62 Mawe’s Improved Cards From Pocket
64 Thayer’s Changing Card Tray
66 Suits for Divorce
69 Cards Up the Sleeve Finale

71 Tricks With Dice
71 Sliding Die Box
73 Die and Chimney
74 Die Through the Hat
76 Goblin Die
78 Dy-Flyto
79 Passe Passe Jumbo Die

81 Tricks With Eggs
81 Human lien
83 Ring in the Egg
84 Egg and Handkerchief
85 Productive Egg Bag
88 Mysterious Egg Production
90 Japanese Egg Trick (Sterling)
91 Malini Type Egg Bag

93 Escapes
93 Famous Kellar Rope Tie
96 Automatic Handcuffs
97 Acme Rope Release
98 Siberian Transport Chain
100 Thumb Tie
105 Phantom Rope Release
109 20th Century Rope Tie
110 Halter Trick

113 Tricks With Flowers
113 Flowers From the Cone
114 Spring Flower Clips
116 Rose in the Buttonhole
117 Our Latest Flower Growth
119 Triple Changing Flower
119 Florist’s Dream

121 Illusions
122 Improved As rah Levitation
126 Aga Or the Floating Lady
130 Sword Box
132 Boxes of Buddha
135 Sawing a Woman in Two
140 New Canvas Box Illusion
142 Executioner’s Dream
147 Box Tray and Screen Illusion (Gwynne)
148 Chef’s Nightmare (Adams)
150 Beudless Spectator

151 Tricks With Liquids
151 Latest Coffee and Milk Trick
152 Magic Funnel
153 Mephisto’s Cornucopia
155 Vanishing Bowl of Water
156 Satan’s Control
157 New Hindoo Water Lota
158 Ching Ling Foo Can
159 Bewitched Coffee Cup
160 Water and Silk
161 Flying Glass of Water
163 Wine and Water Trick

170 Tricks With Money
170 Bull of Wool and Silver Boxes
171 Coin Tray
172 Master Coin Tray
173 Crystal Coin Jar
175 Mystic Coin Slide
176 Penny and Dime
177 Mophisto Coin Cup
179 Devil Glass
180 Slender Coin Wand
181 Bill Tube
182 Ne Plus Ultra Coin Trick
184 Flying Coins
185 Brass Plug Box

197 Parlor and Stage Effects
187 Nest of Boxes
190 Dissolving Cane
192 Materialized Wand
194 Candle That Was
195 Cone and Orange
196 Super Excellent Changing Bag
197 Pudding in the Hat
198 Flying Bird Cage
199 Eclipse Vanishing Lamp
200 Boxes of Choy Fong
201 Shower of Candies

187 Parlor and Stage Effects
187 Nest of Boxes
190 Dissolving Cane
192 Materialized Wand
193 Candle That Was
194 Cone and Orange
195 Super Excellent Changing Bag
196 Pudding in the Hat
197 Flying Bird Cage
198 Eclipse Vanishing Lamp
199 Boxes of Choy Fong
200 Shower of Candies
202 Steel Ball Through Glass
203 Hat Load Gimmic

204 Tricks With Rings
204 Excelsior Rod Ball and Ring Trick
205 Slave Bangle
206 Wandering Ring
207 Popular Performer
211 Key and Ring
211 Mystic Ring
213 Coin Ring and Handkerchief
214 Enchanted Ring
216 Russian Rod Ball and Ring
217 Dines and String Trick

218 Tricks With Rods and Pillars
218 Wands of Mah-Hoe
221 Mystery Sticks of Peng Yeng
223 Devil’s Pillar
224 Cord Pillars
225 Devil in the Deck
226 New Mystic Sticks

228 Tricks With Silks
228 Magic Web
231 Herpont Handkerchief
233 Kova-Wah-Wah (Serpent of India)
236 Color Find Color
238 Homing Handkerchief
243 Mysterious Handkerchief Box
244 Aurora Borealis
245 Perfection Flag Trick
247 Hympathetic Handkerchief
249 Devil’s Handkerchief
251 Flying Handkerchief and Soup Plate
252 Cundle and Flag
253 Tumbler Pedestal
255 Handkerchief and Decanter
256 Novel Flag Trick

258 Tricks With Slates
258 Original Slate Mystery
260 Gambol of the Spirits
262 New Miracle Slate
266 Midget Spirit Slates
267 Mystic Oracle and Spirit Slates
270 Marvelous Bolted Slates
271 Miracle Slate

275 Spiritualistic and Mental
275 Second Sight Mystery
277 Our New Spirit Verse Books
281 Spirit Bell
282 Dr Q. Spirit Hand
289 Spirit Hand
290 Marvelous Talking Skull
291 Ghostly Raps
294 Perplexo Silent Thought Transmission Act
298 Second Sight Par Excellent
306 Mysterious Addition
307 Cagliostro (Krumgold)
310 Psychic Papers
312 Tricky Figure Trick
315 Silent Thought Transference

  • Publisher: Lee Jacobs Productions
  • Pages: 324
  • Location: Pomeroy, OH, USA
  • Edited by: Theron Fox, Barbara Walker
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1979, 1993
  • Binding: hardbound

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