Thayer Quality Magic Vol. 3 by Glenn Gravatt

(c. 1979,1995) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Wow – what a treasure trove of magic in these volumes! As I buy more books I realize how much magic is out there, and how few truly new ideas have occurred in the last 10, 20, 30, or more years!

These are a wonderful historical document of 100’s of the marvelous items that came from Thayer. When you read through the effects with their accompanying instruction sheets you recognise so many effects that are still being pushed today as new ideas!

The first time I saw Shakespeare’s Hamlet I remember thinking how many cliches were used, forgetting of course that when the Bard wrote the play the phrases were new. These Thayer volumes are reminiscent of that – so many of these effects were new with Thayer, but today we consider them public domain.

If you have any abilities to construct magic you could be building your own magic for years to come!

Details: “Volume Three of the Thayer Quality Magic Instruction Sheets brings you over 200 more explanations of magic sold by the leading dealer of the Golden Age of Magic, Floyd Thayer. Choice, exclusive magic in eighteen categories, the secret and presentation explained in nearly the exact words as furnished purchasers of what are now real treasures.

These instructions are from the files of GLENN GRAVATT, a long time friend of Floyd and Jennie Thayer and many of the workmen in the Thayer plant. Mr Gravatt was awarded the Literary Achievement Award in magic at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Magical Arts and Science in March of 1980. A long time contributor to Genii, The Conjurer’s Magazine, he is also well known for his many fine books on magical subjects.”

The Third book in this wonderful series covers Balls, Cards, Cigarettes, Escapes, Glasses, Bowls, Bottles, Illusions, Money, Parlor Tricks, Stage Effects, Pocket Tricks, Productions, Silks, Spiritualistic Effects, Mental Magic, Tables, Thimbles, and Torn & Restored Effects. Contains catalog description, illustration, and complete instruction sheets for each effect.

Contents (from Lee Jacobs edition book ToC):

1 Tricks With Balls
1 Patriotic Billiard Balls
4 Ball and Vase
5 Billiard Ball Holder
5 Fortune Telling Ball
7 How to Grow Hair on a Billiard Ball
8 Coronet Ball Stand and Secret Servante
9 Billiard Ball Pocket
10 Billiard Ball Vanisher
11 Red Hot Ball!
12 Wandering Billiard Balls

13 Tricks With Cards
13 Transposition Card Trick
15 Spelling Bee
18 Mysterious Aces
21 Elusive Dispatch Bearer
23 Bewitched Envelope
24 X Card Change
25 Runaway Queen
26 Bashful Queen
27 Baffling Aces
28 Skinem
30 Nox- ‘Em-All
32 Papel Blanco
33 Flying Aces
36 Three Card Monte
37 Thought Materialization
38 Nonpareil Card
39 Spirit Photo
40 Optex
42 The Union
46 Transposed Queen
48 Demon Card Frame
49 Card and Rose
50 Telephone Trick
53 Enchanted Card Case

54 Tricks With Cigarettes
54 Baffler Cigarette Tube
55 Harlequin Cigarette
57 Eclipse Cigarette Case
57 Master Cigarette Production
58 Ambitious Cigarette
61 Master Lighted Cigarette Production
62 Cigarette and Purse
63 Roll Your Own
65 Fire and Smoke Tricks
67 Smoko
69 Rising Cigarettes
71 Master Lighted Cigarette Vanish

72 Escapes
72 Straight-Jacket Escape
76 New Cross Escape
77 Spirit Handcuffs
78 Baffling Sack Escape
79 Ankle Stocks
80 Handcuff Escape

81 Tricks With Glasses, Bowls, Bottles
81 Mysterious Ink Bottle
84 Indian Sands
86 Mirror Glass
88 Turn Table Stand
90 Passe Passe Bottle and Glass
91 Dove Bottle
93 Transpo-Chango-IIanko
94 Mysterious Jug
95 Upside Down Bottle
96 Bran and Candy Vase
97 Rice and Orange Vase
99 Chinese Rice Bowls
101 Bran Vase
102 Demon Glass
103 Bran Plates

104 Illusions
104 Living Half Lady
107 Modern Cabinet
109 Screen of Life
113 Aerial Suspension
116 Rip Van Winkle Illusion

121 Tricks With Money
121 Coin Go
122 Evaporated Coin
123 Matter Through Matter
125 Wisenheimer Coin
126 Penetrative Coin
127 Winged Coins
129 Biffo!
130 Vanishing Coin in Glass of Water
131 Panel Trick
132 Coin and Handkerchief
133 Money Machine
134 Bill and Envelope Mystery
136 Miser’s Dream
139 Submarine Coin Trick
140 Penny and Weight
141 Traveling Pennies
142 Multiplying Coins
143 Coin Spider

145 Parlor And Stage Effects
145 Watch It!
146 Candle from Pocket
147 Acid Tubes
148 Vanishing Gloves
150 Re-Appearing Alarm Clock
151 Vanishing Doll
153 Floating Paper Ball
155 Flying Handkerchief and Candle
157 Haunted Cabinet and Blocks of Quong Hi
160 Wu-Ling Pagoda Mystery
161 Block Go!
165 Flip-Over Dove Vanish Box
166 PuHse-Passe Ribbons
167 Needle Through the Body

168 Pocket Tricks
168 Indian Prayer Chain
169 Three Mystic Pellets
170 Traveling Marbles
171 Color-Changing Pencil
172 Obedient Lemonade Straw
173 Phantom Domino
174 Color Changing Blocks
175 Mystic Spot Trick
176 Royal Rising Pencil
177 Jumping Peg
178 Finger Through the Hat
179 Pencil and Loop Trick
180 Acrobatic Rubber Band
181 Beads of Koko

182 Productions
182 Hat Production
184 Baby from the Hat
184 Paper Coils
184 Snake from Hat
184 Cannon Ball from the Hat
185 Spring Banana
185 Giant Banana
185 Cabbage from Hat
185 Magic Satchels
185 Flower Balls
185 Carrot Production
185 Giant Carrot
185 Tomato Cans from the Hat
186 Spring Balls
186 Baby Clothes
186 Giant Egg Production
186 Large String of Flags
186 Skull from Hat
186 String of Sausages
187 Devil’s Hat
188 Skull from the Hat
190 Drawer Box
180 Magic Mat of Pekin – A la Carpet of Bagdad
191 Jap Box

193 Tricks With Silks Color Changes
193 Goldin Color Change
194 Color Change Through the Hand
195 Mysterious Color Changing Silks
197 Tarbell’s Clean-Cut Color Chng. Handkerchief

200 Manipulative Devices
200 Mirage
201 Spider
202 Chamelio
203 Hand Box

204 Productions
204 Nikko
206 Clever Handkerchief Productions
206 Sleeve Production
207 Plain Wand Production
207 Match Box Production
208 Loop Ball Production
208 Body Production
210 String of Flags
211 Extra Finger
212 Mysterious Tube
213 Hundkerchief Materialization
215 Drum Head Tube
216 Silk Worm
217 Repeating Vanishing Handkerchief
220 Vanishing Handkerchief
221 Magic Cornucopia
222 Vanishing Color Changer
224 Elusive Handkerchief

226 Spiritualistic And Mental
226 Xmproved Mystic “Ad” Test
229 Thayer’s Improved Thought Projection
234 Sympathetic Mental Mystery
239 Aladdin’s Candles
240 Mysterious Clock
242 Radio Die
243 Box of Numbers
244 Want Ad Test
247 Super X Changing Basket
248 Spirit Hand
249 Dr. Q’s Visit of the Ghosts
251 Pocket Seership
252 Full Light Spirit Seance
253 Changing Question Box
254 Simplex Hand Reader
256 King Felton Blindfold

258 Tricks With Tables
258 Ethereal Floating Table
260 Table to Hat and Cane
262 Mawe’s 101 Asisto Table Top
263 New Portable Black Art Table

265 Tricks With Thimbles
265 Multiplying Thimbles
267 Elusive Thimble
268 Thimble Tobacco and Smoke
270 Thimbles of Old King Tut
271 Thimble Frame
273 Thimble wiz
274 Loyd’s New Perfection Thimble Clip
274 Twentieth Century Thimbles
275 Simplex Thimble Holder
276 Thimplex
279 Patriotic Thimbles
281 New Improved Penetrating Thimble
283 Kondax
285 Thimble Stand

287 Torn And Restored Tricks
287 Turban Trick
291 Perfecto Tape Trick
293 Restored String
295 Resuscitated Paper
298 Torn and Restored
302 Cecil Lyle’s Paper Hat Trick
304 Novel Tissue Paper Mystery
305 New Restored Cigarette Paper
306 Torn and Restored Banknote
308 New Cut and Restored Ribbon
310 Mysterious Tape

  • Publisher: Lee Jacobs Productions
  • Pages: 312
  • Location: Pomeroy, OH, USA
  • Edited by: Theron Fox, Barbara Walker
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1979, 1995
  • Binding: hardbound

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