Lorayne: The Classic Collection 3 by Harry Lorayne

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Effect: Lorayne: The Classic Collection 3: Omissions, Additions, Decisions, Revisions, Upgradings and Updatings for and of Quantum Leaps, Trend Setters, Dingle’s Deceptions plus Numero Uno & The Great Divide.

There’s a reason for the success of any HARRY LORAYNE book. In the magic world Harry Lorayne is considered to be the best writer/teacher of, entertainer with, playing cards. Mr. Lorayne’s exalted reputation began with Close-Up Card Magic (1962), which became an instant classic. That reputation grew in leaps and bounds with each succeeding book. What you have in your hands right now is his

re-write, his additions, revisions, updating/upgrading of more of his early classic books/routines—QUANTUM LEAPS, TREND SETTERS, DINGLE’S DECEPTIONS, THE GREAT DIVIDE, NUMERO UNO.
A few, of so many, unsolicited testimonials:
Buy it, read it, learn it, love it, live it. That encapsulates my feelings about ALL of Harry Lorayne’s work. (Vlad)
If you’re going to learn and be inspired from/by anyone—learn from, be inspired by, the best there is! Harry Lorayne IS the BEST! (Paul Gordon)
Harry, you set the bar for me in terms of what was possible and the standard to reach as far as excellence is concerned. (Michael Vincent)
Harry Lorayne’s influence on how effects are written up is equivalent to Shakespeare’s influence on the theatre. (Gary Kosnitzky)
Harry Lorayne’s tremendous output of high quality magic, his influence on the Art, is profound and ever-lasting as the written word itself. The “Shakespeare of Magic” might not be too much of an exaggeration! (Chrismatt)
No writer of magic perhaps more gifted than Harry Lorayne. There are too many card gods to count but Mr. Lorayne is “Zeus atop Mount Olympus.” (Panlives; Magic Cafe—June 15, 2010)
The best advice I can give is—buy everything that Harry Lorayne puts out. (Rimbaud)
In my opinion the best card work ever assembled is Harry Lorayne’s work—every one of his tricks is a worker. (Steve Conner)
Harry. You’re one of the greatest entertainers with a deck of cards I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of magic in my lifetime. Your books are great—a great investment in learning commercial card magic. (Glenn Bishop)
You do so much more than so many others combined. I would have given up magic if not for your books. You set the standard of how a magic book could and should be written. (Gerald Ochoa)
You truly are the greatest writer and teacher in magic—ever. (Jeremy Lasky)
Most of your stuff blows other magicians away: they look at me as if I’ve found the Holy Grail. (Robert E. Kimball)
Any student of Harry Lorayne’s books will become a fantastic magician. Harry teaches MAGIC, not tricks, and very powerful magic indeed. (Grandpa Chet)
Yours are the greatest books on card magic. Your concise instructions and insights are what truly make you the Best Teacher of card magic Ever. (Nick Macri)
Harry Lorayne IS card magic! (Chris Kavanagh)
The Classic Collection Volume 3 has never before been offered as a PDF download. The Conjuring Arts Research Center is proud to have partnered up with Harry Lorayne to be the exclusive retailer of this exciting, new format.


xiii Preface

1 Quantum Leaps

3 Section One
3 An Overhand Shuffle Stack
6 Follow the Leader Reversal
11 Buckle Down
14 The Lorayne Bluff Count
16 The Illogical Double Lift
18 Color-Changing Aces
19 Instant Sandwich
20 Follow the Leaders
22 Ace-Instants
25 The Changeling
27 Royally Illogical

31 Section Two
31 Manipulative Aces
36 A Prediction “Pathway”
41 Halo Cut Ace Revelation
43 Lorayces
46 Three’s Company
49 The Super Peek
52 Super Peek Plus Two
55 “Super” Ace Control
56 The Non-Faro Faro
60 Flip On Rye

65 Section Three
65 An Amazing Revelation Display
71 The Relativity Color Change
74 The (N)Eye(N) Popper
79 Lorayne’s Invisible Pass Routine
85 The Subtle Jog
88 The Flip Over
89 Rip Away
91 Cardcase Spin-Out
93 Cut-A-Way Triumph
98 Impromptu Psychic Poker
101 Rub Beater

105 Section Four
105 The Best Gosh Darn Impromptu Linking Card Effect You’ll Ever See!
112 Linking Card Addenda
114 Straight On
116 One Good Turn
119 An Extraordinary Prediction
123 Center Double PG Location
126 Face to Face
128 Double Olah Reverse
129 Krazy Kut
130 A Force, Of Course
132 Prelude to Heart Run
134 Heart Run

137 Section Five
137 Four Card Catch
141 “Counters”
143 Would You Believe in Mindreading?
149 Carnal Knowledge
152 Double Take
155 One-Hand Second-Deal Speller
158 The Mate Trap
162 HaLo Royal and Evolution
162 – HaLo Cut Force
163 – Double HaLo
163 – HaLo Up
164 – HaLo Royal
166 Royal Crossing
169 Overhand Run Finesse
170 HaLo Cut Double Revelation
172 HaLo Double Trouble
175 Triple Header

181 Trend Setters

181 Foreword

183 Section I
183 Primal Screen
186 Primal Sandwich
188 Primal Ambition
191 To a Primal Number
193 Primal Final
195 Revolving Pass Extensions
200 Would it Be a Miracle?
204 Without A Clue
211 Without a Clue, Impromptu
213 A Pathway Kind of Thing

219 Section II
219 Nine, Five, Seven, Five
223 Convincing
225 “Keyn” Location
228 Out of This Galaxy
232 The Pop-Up Ace Pyramid
237 HaLo Cut Handling(s)
242 Four Faces Best
247 Rhythmic Sandwich Change
251 Melt-Through
257 Crimp Unseen

259 Section III
259 Double Edged
262 Two-Time Mate
268 Kings “High”Way
274 In or Out 3-Card Switch
277 Simple Lie Detector
281 The Detective Card
285 Cryptic Triptych
288 Side Swipe

293 Section IV
293 The Equalizer
299 Quick Estimation
302 Ah, Finally!
305 Another Non-Reverse Reverse
309 Upward Bound
311 Side Glance
313 Imaginative Ace Controls
317 Flip Force
319 Flip “Fource” Ace Revelation
321 The 52nd Card

325 Section V
325 Spread Passable
328 Miracle of Thirteen
332 Aces to Catch
337 Straight Away
341 Universal Reversal
344 Chapter and (Re)Verse
346 Instantly Wired, Plus
349 Double Reverse
351 Near Perfect

357 Dingle’s Deceptions

357 Foreword

359 Color Triumphant
363 Open Sesame
371 The DD Color-Changing Aces
377 Through & Through
387 The International Coin Trick
392 Four Coins In the Countin’
401 Bonus – Alternate Ending

405 Numero Uno
405 Numero Uno

416 The Great Divide

416 The Bridge Divide
417 Location Divide
418 Divide for a Spell
419 Red-Black (Divide) Location
420 Point and Divide
422 Divide and Conquer

425 Last Word

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