Rim Shots by Harry Lorayne

(c. 1973) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Besides Lorayne’s typical ability to compose simple, clear card magic, Rim Shots features a great variety of technical innovations including: the One-Handed Top Palm, the Ribbon-Spread Palm, the One-Hand Instant Crimp, the Lap Switch, the Persistence of Vision Control, the Status Quo Shuffle, Amazing Prediction and HaLo Cut, HaLo Aces and much more. All of this is explained in a fun and unpretentious style of writing.

Illustrated by William A. Morales

Rim Shots is also a Force Book. The 21st word in every trick is “that.” It is available in both paperback and hard cover, and both versions have the same Forced Word feature.


vii Foreword

Chapter One
11 The Flip Up Double Lift
13 The Mind Boggler 
18 The Half Force
20 Quick Crimp 
21 A Fast Repeat Reverse
23 Half-Fforce Aces 
26 Half-Force Open Prediction
28 The Double-Cut Lap
30 The Chopstick One-Hand Cut
34 A Red-Black Shuffle
37 The Riffle Diffle
40 The Super Riffle Diffle
44 Three Table False Cuts
48 The Retention Of Vision Cut

50 Chapter Two 
52 Amazing Prediction
57 One-Hand Top-Palm Method
59 A Top Palm
62 A Multiple Palm
64 Controlled Spelling 
68 Cast A Triple Spell
71 Spell Again 
73 The Rockin’ Chair
76 The Ribbon-Spread Palm
78 Deal Location 
81 “Wired’’ 
84 One-Hand Instant Crimp

86 Chapter Three
88 The Lap Switch 
90 Color-Full
91 The Status Quo Shuffle
93 The Utility Deal Peek
96 The Persistence-Of-Vision Control
99 A Switch-Control
102 The “Clipper” Switch 
106 One Of Four
110 Card Case Escape
113 Improvisation Location
115 A Poker Or Four Card Switch

117 Chapter Four
119 Spectator-Challenge Aces
122 Any Ace Spell
124 Spell-Mell
127 Two Simple Controls
129 The Dribble Control
131 Halo Aces
138 Halo Again
140 Halo Mates
142 Halo Reverse
144 Two Rubber-Band Ideas
147 Last Word

  • Publisher: Harry Lorayne
  • Pages: 148
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 5″x8″
  • Date: 1973
  • Binding: softbound

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