Kane by Peter Kane, Oscar Weigle

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Details: This great book contains over forty effects from this British Master including both card and non-card effects. Peter Kane’s magic is very direct, there is no build-up, he just does them, leaving you totally baffled and then with a little smile will say: “Not bad, is it” – a complete understatement! Some of the effects included are:

  • An Ancient Coin Con game
  • Any Four Different Coins Across
  • A glass and Coin Sequence
  • The Dustbin Box
  • The Elongated Lady
  • The Thumb Switch
  • The Four Flusher
  • The Expanding Deck
  • The Kabbala Aces
  • The Magic Eight
  • A Triple Coincidence
  • V.C.C.P.
  • and many more …

Contents (numbered pages from Book ToC, other from eBay description)

5 Introduction (Bob Ostin)

7 Mister-ee Five by Five
11 A Glass Balloon and Card Sequence
13 The Eightsome Reel
15 An Ancient Coin Con Game
17 Any Four Different Coins Across
21 A Glass and Coin Sequence
25 A Coin, Glass and Handkerchief Sequence
29 A Glass and Card Sequence
29 The Dustbin Box
34 A Coin Penetration
37 The Sleeper Routine
40 The Elongated Lady
45 My Complicated Trick
48 Cards as Calculators
53 A Very Attractive lady
56 The Thumb Switch
60 Passing The Alternation
62 Four as Four Concealing Two Count
64 The Four Flusher
66 The Three Silver and Three Copper Transposition
71 Son of Tetradism
73 The Expanding Deck
75 The Growing Deck
77 The Red/Black Blues
82 The Kabbala Aces
85 The Toss Switch
87 The Magic Eight
89 A Triple Coincidence
94 Second Place
97 V.C.C.P.
 On a Shoestring
 The Piggy Bank Robbery
 With an ESP Deck
 The Swindle Slice
 Another Ring Off
 How to Make a Divided Card
 The Gossips
 Rooms and Travellers
 The Nudest Nudist Deck
 Chameleon Quartet
 Just Four Aces
 The fan Transfer
 The Court Jesters

  • Publisher: Magico Magazine
  • Pages: 151
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Edited by: Oscar Weigle
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1982
  • Binding: hardbound

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