Nemo Card Castle by Ken Brooke, Jim Hooper, Peter Kane

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The Card Castle was probably invented by G.W. Hunter c. 1882 with improvements from Louis Nikola c. 1931 and Eric Lewis c. 1945.

Ken Brooke purchased his first ones from Peter Kane and handed them to Jim Hooper. Although part of the the final product was based on Peter Kane’s idea, Ken Brooke makes it clear that the final version was very much Jim Hooper’s invention. (Walt Lees, Pabular, November 1980)

Effect: The INSTANTANEOUS appearance of a 25 inch high castle of cards! Jim Hooper’s design makes collapse in whole or in part IMPOSSIBLE. Nemo Castles are only 8″ x 7″ x %” prior to production and can easily be stolen from a table to add action to your act with very little effort. A CERTAIN APPLAUSE CUE!

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