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Gypsy Curse by Peter Kane, Emerson and West

(c. 1977) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: From Emerson & West. Seven ancient playing cards are shown to be six black spot cards and one King of Diamonds. The proprietor of a game of chance at an old traveling country fair divides the seven cards into two groups and asks the spectators to wager as to which group contains the Diamond. An elderly Gypsy woman, having wagered and lost, placed a curse upon the man and his game. When next he attempts to operate his game it is found that all the cards are winners! The cards are fanned to show all the faces are Diamond Kings and all the backs are normal!

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1 review for Gypsy Curse by Peter Kane, Emerson and West

  1. Burton Fuller

    The Gypsy Curse is one of the best card tricks out there. Kane (also, Blank Amazement) Emerson and West have brought us another awesome illusion. The design of the cards, their size, the parchment and the patter all lend very well to this masterpiece. The handling is great and the sleights are not too difficult. I would have given a star for each card, but I could not.

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