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Experience The Magic of Jon Allen by John Lovick

(c. 2009) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Jon Allen is a man of many talents: he is a first place winner in close-up magic at both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Magic Circle. He is also the creator of “The Silent Treatment,” one of the best-selling and most innovative stand-up magic effects marketed in the last decade. And he is one of the busiest magicians in the United Kingdom.

For the first time ever, Jon Allen is tipping his most prized routines, and ideas-fifty effects packed into more than 200 pages of polished, performance-ready magic. More than 400 photos are included to make your learning experience a pleasurable one. Written with the inimitable style and wit of John Lovick, this important book will challenge and delight any lover of magic.

Learn the brand of magic that Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander called “Brilliant”:

  • Jon’s full Competition Act: including a solid two-foot cigarette from jacket and the show-stopping borrowed ring in sealed party popper.
  • Freddy’s Dead: Jon’s devastating version of Professor’s Nightmare brings many new developments to this classic plot; suitable for close-up or stand-up.
  • The Wedding Trick: destined to become the definitive wedding trick for happy couples around the world.
  • A full rubber band routine: finally a routine to showcase all the best effects possible with elastic bands.
  • Schrödinger’s Card: Jon’s controversial card effect that leaves participants with an impossible object and a memory they will never forget.
  • And dozens more! You’ll learn five stand-up effects, suitable for large crowds and even theater work-all of which pack in your pockets.

Within these covers you will learn professional routines honed over thousands of performances. And you will learn ways to improve the experience of magic for your audiences.

Experience the magic of Jon Allen.

Stunning effects and jaw-dropping magic!
Jeff McBride, Creator of the Magic & Mystery School

“Jon Allen’s magic is so strong and yet so offbeat. And what sets this collection apart is the amount of parlor material he includes. Anyone working on their close-up or stand-up acts would benefit greatly from Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen.”
Joshua Jay, Trick Editor at MAGIC Magazine

“This book is the work of a man who thinks. Like many, Jon Allen thinks about method (and the results can be insidious)… but unlike many he also, blessedly, thinks of more than method. Turing a page of this book is like opening a present on Christmas day. And I say this as a Jew.”
David Regal

“There is a marvelous elegance and economy to Jon’s work as a performer and as a creator. Experience does an extremely good job of capturing both!”
Jay Sankey


xiii Preface: A Note From The Publishers
xv Foreword (Gregory Wilson)
xvii Introduction (Jon Allen)

SECTION 1: Tricks & Routines

Chapter 1: The I.B.M. Competition Act
5 The I.B.M. Competition Act
9 The Big Cig
10 Travelex
12 Osolated Ososceles
16 Triumphinity
17 Gluteus Prediction
18 Ring in Party Popper

21 Chapter 2: Close-up & Walkaround Magic
23 Ghost
29 Freddy’s Dead
38 Citizen Can
41 Striking Ring Switch
44 The Hole
48 Unique Coin Bend
50 Weird Science
53 True Lies
55 E.T.
60 Burning Rubber
61 Wrist Band
61 Band-It
63 Crazy Man’s Handcuffs
64 The Finger
66 Wristoration
70 Palm-up Bill Switch
76 Inner Space
78 Oralgami

83 Chapter 3: Card Tricks
85 High Society
89 Thought-of Card in Envelope
92 One Trick Two Names
95 Executive Decision
99 1709 Walkabout
103 The Wedding Trick
107 Out of Sight
110 Agains All Odds
113 Lucky Card
116 The Usual Suspects
120 Force of Nature
122 Drop Zone

125 Chapter 4: Stand-up Magic
127 Grabbit Production
130 Signal Strength
134 World’s Funniest Joke
137 Credit Cut
138 White Noise

145 SECTION 2: Moves, Sequences & Bits of Business

145 Chapter 5: Cards
147 Basil
153 The Four Musketeers
157 Out of Your Brain
159 Invisible Palm Finale

161 Chapter 6: Miscellaneous
163 Twins
165 Helicopter Band
167 Latex Genie
170 Push Through Move
172 Ring off String Move
175 Tipless Bill Switch Holdout

175 SECTION 3: Taking Things Further

175 Chapter 7: Presentations & Thoughts on a Few Plots
177 Coins Across Finale
183 No Pressure Card Spread
186 Adlibitious Card
190 Destination Box
193 Destination Box for Kids
194 Schrodinger’s Card

  • Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
  • Pages: 206
  • Location: Akron, OH, USA
  • Edited by: Tyler Wilson, Raj Madhok, Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin
  • Dimensions: 8″x11″
  • Date: 2009
  • Binding: hardbound

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