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The Silent Treatment by Jon Allen

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Effect: The Silent Treatment by Jon Allen is the effect that Jason Alexander performs in his Magic Castle act.

This is one of those perfect openers. You walk onstage and say nothing. You simply open a flip book that introduces you. Through only words on the signs, you communicate with the audience in an hilarious way, and have a card thought of. The big finish? You remove the thought-of card from your mouth!

This is not difficult at all, and sets the right tone for your stand-up show. It shows that you’re funny, that you have showmanship skills, that you will do amazing things, and that you are a different kind of magician. This prop is an investment in your show, and one of the best close-up and stand-up tricks to come along in years.

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Approx. Price: $59.00 (2005) ***

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2 reviews for The Silent Treatment by Jon Allen

  1. Ashley TURNER

    Buy this item!

    Buy this item!!
    what more can i say, for an opener it gets no better, you walk up to a table and say nothing the boards do all the work for you, this is so different to the usual ‘pick a card’
    some very funny moment thanks to the boards.

    and just when the specs are thinking ‘oh what a nice gentle trick’ they are hit by one of the best revelations of a selected card, they laugh they applaude then they remember the whold trick and say to themselves ‘Oh it all makes sence now’

    also you get a dvd which is well put together and covers everything’

    a side point this can be a different selection each time!!

    i love this because it is so different.

  2. Amazing Corbin

    Very good effect for the right performer

    This is a great opening effect. without saying a word, a spectator chooses a card from an image of many different cards, then the spectator spits out the card from his mouth!

    I really liked this effect. The cards were funny and received many laughs. After a performance I’ve been asked to show the image of many cards again and I was able to quickly show it again to friends to prove there were many choices they could have made. This effect does require a confident performer as you have to do a bit of acting and facial expressions. It’s also best used as an opener because of the card in your mouth. You could possibly shove the card in your mouth later on in your show, but it’s challenging to do a silent effect after you’ve been performing and talking for some time. (unless your a mime )

    Id recommend it to a confident experienced performer who was looking for a new, funny and unique opening effect for a close up or banquet type show for adults.

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