Counthesaurus by Jon Racherbaumer

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Details: This Comprehensive, in-depth, easy-to-understand, alphabetized encyclopedia of FALSE COUNTS and DISPLAYS is now available. Award winning author, Jon Racherbaumer, has compiled over 70 techniques into a handy, easy-to-access, eye-arresting reference book. This instantly and literally puts them at your fingertips.

With the advent of packet tricks in the 70’s, not to mention all of the innovative close-up card tricks devised in the past 30 years, a remarkable number of false-counting and false-spreading techniques were developed-so many, in fact, that it was difficult to find and keep track of them. Enhanced by over 200 digital photographs, you no longer have to search for or wonder what this-or-that count is or does. This book runs the gamut from Ascanio to Vesser, including the esoteric and arcane techniques buried in our literature.

This book was written by Jon Racherbaumer and is 208 pages long and spiral bound. Included in this book are 81 detailed descriptions to perform sleight of hand tricks such as; Photography by Jessica Hack.

Contents (from book, page numbers updated Jan 2018):

5 A Quick Tour Of Packet False Counts 
9 All-Alike Count
11 Ascanio Spread
16 Biddle Count
18 Biddyro Count
19 Broken-Up Elmsley Count
22 Buckle Count
26 Cards-To-Pocket Count
28 Carlyle False Count
31 Chaback Count
34 Chanin Deal Count
36 Clean-Up Display Move
38 Collins Ace Vanish
40 Copdiddle Count
43 Dainty Pivot Spread
45 D’Amico Spread
46 Duplication Display
48 Four-Card Version
50 Elmback Count
52 Elmsley Count
55 Endfield False Count
56 Everchange Count
59 Eyecount
60 Fifth Peel
62 Fingertip Rhythm
64 Flustration Count
65 “GEM” False Count
67 Gemini Display
71 Ghostback Count
73 Ghostover Count
79 Haback Count
80 Hamman Count
82 Hide-Out Count
84 In Lieu Of Hamman Switch
85 Jack’s Rhythm Count
88 Jimmy Cricket Count
90 Jorback Count
93 Jordan Count
94 Kosky Count
95 Latest Count Combination
96 Marfon Count 
97 Marlo’s Flushtration Count
101 Mirage Count 
104 Mirror Count
107 Modified Haback Count 
108 Neo Jordan Count 
109 Nerve Count
112 New Quick Three-Way 
115 No-Buckle Gemini Count
119 Olram Counts
120 Olram Subtlety
123 Omega Count
125 Opec Count
126 Opos Count
128 Optical Rhythm
129 Partial Ascanio
133 Pinch Grip
137 Push-Off Count
138 Quick Three-Way
142 Razor-Edge Pivot Spread
144 Repeat Code 345
146 Rhythm Count
149 Rhythm Flushtration Count
151 Siva Count
153 Six-Card Repeat Count
154 Slide Three-Way
157 Smile Count
160 Smile Count – Pairs
161 Snap-Turn Count
164 Spirit Count
167 Switchless Switch Count
169 Takagi Turnover Count
173 Townsend Elmsley Count
176 Two-As-Four Count
178 Two-For-Four Count 
181 Underside Reverse Spread
182 Unlimited Count
185 Veeser Concept
188 Veeser Concept – Palm-Up Variation
191 Afterword
194 Bonus Count Drill

  • Publisher: Jon Racherbaumer
  • Pages: 209
  • Location: USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: softbound

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