Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields by Jon Racherbaumer, Eddie Fields

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Details: First published in 1968, The Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields has now been completely re-written, re-illustrated and expanded to over triple its original size. Contains almost seventy extraordinary tricks, tips, sleights never-before published stories about Fields’ life and tricks.

Contents (from book ToC):

9 Foreword (Don Alan)
10 Introduction to the Second Edition
15 Getting Ahead

18 Box Bound
18 Way Ahead Card To Cardcase (Fields—Gibson)
21 Mario’s First Variation
22 Mario’s Second Variation
24 Unlimited Card to Case (Ed Mario)
26 Bux Stop

30 Nail Nicks
30 Invisible Pen Mystery
32 Tripartite
34 Mario’s Tripartite
35 Estimation Station
36 Making John Doe Moe

40 Sleights, Subtleties, and Applications
40 Gall Glimpse
42 Farcical Force
43 P-O-P Glimpse (Fields—Lu Brent)
46 P-O-P Effect
47 Fields’ Relaxation Double Turnover
48 Subtle Fan Add-On
50 Five-Card Ad Infinitum
52 Juts In Case
54 Window-Less Window Envelope
56 Half-Fast Pass (Frank Thompson)
58 Thompson-Marlo False Shuffle

60 Doubling and Doing
60 Fields’ Zodiac Card Miracle
62 Killer Clock-Work (EM Mario)
63 Yogi You-Do-As-I-Do (Fields—Kaplan)
64 Boldly Attuned

68 Waikiki Killers
68 Silent Transmission Telephone Mystery
69 Calling From Waikiki (Ron Cohen)
71 Dropsy Diddle
73 Zinger (Bob Sheets)
77 Masterful Mix-Up (Edward Mario)
78 The Origin of the Plop Shuffle

82 Not Cards
82 Where Can I Get a Cheap Cigar?
82 Mild Miracle
83 One is a Lonely Number
84 Sponge Ball Climax
85 This Made Bud Wiser
86 Copper-Silver Tip
86 Harvey’s Copper-Silver Tip
86 All Thumbs?

90 Various Dodges
90 Cool Spell (Fields—Joe Berg)
91 No Further Than This (Skinner—Racherbaumer)
94 One and Only
98 The OOPS Principle
101 Jack The Bartender’s Deal (Stewart James)
102 Calling Your Hand, Again
103 Mario’s Faro Variation
103 Johnny Reik, The Upside-Down Man
105 Quintile
106 Another Problem Posed (Ed Mario)
108 The Salty Dog Location (Jon Racherbaumer)
109 Positioning Proposition (Ed Mario)
111 Tell A Phony
112 Down Under and Dirty
114 Triple Spectator En Rapport
117 Known and Unknown Card
118 Sid Solomon’s Double-Whammy Location
119 Card In Liquor Bottle
121 Geller’s Proxy (Ed Mario)
123 Dovetailing at Dawn
124 Sure-Shot Mock Boomerang
128 Eddie’s Hummer
130 After-Hour Power (Ed Mario)
131 Flasher (Paul Cummins)
132 Dial Oz
134 Mario Finesse for the Ultra-Mental Deck
134 Origin of the “Invisible” Presentation
136 Spread Mates
139 Pearce Percept (Ed Mario)
140 The Lost Integrated Deck (Ed Mario)
148 The Sweet Spell of Success
150 Bent Sinister

152 About This Notebook
154 Who Is Eddie Fields?

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Company
  • Pages: 155
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Edited by: Richard Kaufman, Matthew Field, Mark Philips, Harvey Rosenthal
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1997
  • Binding: hardbound

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