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Bound To Please by Simon Aronson

(c. 1994) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Simon Aronson’s early works collected in one volume. Includes “all-star” tricks: Shuffle-Bored and Red See Passover, as well as his memorized deck. These effects aren’t easy but they are effective.

Simon’s collected early works, compiled in one volume. Contains the complete texts of his first three books, The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson (1978), A Stack to Remember (1979) and Shuffle-bored (1980). Includes Red See Passover, Simon’s Favorite Card Trick, Mis-mate, Simon’s underground treatise on the memorized deck principles (that started the current wave of memorized miracles), an entire chapter on subtle uses of the advertising card, Under Cover Four Play, Ad-Jacent, and the original presentation of the Aronson stack (with three different poker deals, a perfect bridge hand, spelling combinations, a blackjack deal, and more).

Shuffle-bored presents Simon’s self-working, totally hands-off card miracle: without any questions, outs, gaffs, ambiguities or moves – and without ever touching the cards – the performer announces exactly how many cards are face up, in a spectator freely shuffled deck! plus additional effects published in Kabbala and Hierophant.



1 From Kabblala – the Simon Aronson Issue (April 1973)
3 Some People Think
5 Lie Sleuth
8 Group Shuffle

11 The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson (1978)
13 Foreword by Edward Marlo
15 Introduction

17 I. Ideas for Popular Effects
17 Simon’s “Favorite Card” Trick
22 Mis-Mate
27 The Spectator Really Cuts to the Aces
31 Aces Up, Countdown
35 Under Cover Four-Play
41 Lucky 7
45 Symmethree
48 Turning the Corner
53 The Aronson Artifice

62 II. Ideas for Two Deck Effects
62 Stranger Deranger
65 “I’ll Go First”
69 Odd-Backed Thought Card Across #1
73 Odd-Backed Thought Card Across #2
76 Red See Passover

84 III. Ideas for the Memorized Deck
84 General Observations on the Memorized Deck
88 Two Card “No Touch” Location
92 Four Stop Intersection
95 Histed Heisted
100 S-D Plus
105 Center Cut Location

108 IV. An Idea for Further Ideas
108. It Pays to Advertise

113 A Stack to Remember (1979)
115 Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer
117 A Stack to Remember
119 The Aronson Stack
120 Features of the Aronson Stack
120 (a) Draw Poker Deal
121 (b) Stud Poker Deal
122 (c) Ten Card Poker Deal
123 (d) Poker Routines
123 (e) Perfect Bridge Hand
124 (f) Spelling
125 (g) Any Poker Hand Called For
129 Memorizing the Aronson Stack
141 Selected Bibliography on Memorized Deck Magic

145 Shuffle-Bored (1980)
147 Foreword
149 The Basic Shuffle-Bored Effect
149 The Secret
149 The Set-Up
150 The Procedure
152 Preliminaries
154 The Cancellation Combination
156 Controlled Shuffle-Bored
159 Divided Deck Shuffle-Bored
160 Delayed Location Effects
161 Color Separation Revelation
163 Color Discernment
164 Selection Shuffle-Bored
165 Prediction Shuffle-Bored
167 Background and Credits
168 Shuffling Off

171 Appendix
173 Ad-Jacent (1980)

  • Publisher: Simon Aronson
  • Pages: 179
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1994
  • Binding: hardbound

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