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European Spirit Clock Dial by Gard Modern Magic Studio Jack the Lad by Alan Warner Gerlitz-Stull 14K Watch by Richard Gerlitz Pegasus Page by Arthur Emerson Gunsmoke by U.F. Grant Wizard's Chess by Lee Woodside Stockholder by Gregory Wilson Spring Rabbit by Magic Inc. Exploding Glass Beads (Prince Rupert's Pearls) by Viking Mfg. Magic Show Pistol by Magic Hands Chest of Destiny, The by Tabman Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal by Harry Lorayne Power Reel by John Kennedy Spirit Bell by Anverdi The Weber Wallet by Michael Weber Cups and Balls by Johnson Precision Magic Close Up Table (with drawer) by Daytona Magic Jumbo Card Fountain (with Remote) by Marcelo Contento