Okito Style Climax Blue Phantom by Limited Edition Magic

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The Blue Phantom was invented by Viennese magician Hans Trunk c. 1924 who called it “Das blaue Wunder” (The Blue Wonder). It was introduced to the USA c. 1930 by Thayer Quality Magic as “The Blue Phantom” and it became an instant hit, and has been doing well ever since. It is also known as: The Chinese Clock and The Traveling Checker.

Here we have another rare Paul Lembo creation one of only six made. Apart from how stunning this looks what is particularly clever is you can use it with the traditional handling or the much lesser known variation by Tommy Windsor c. 1962 called the Climax Blue Phantom.

Effect: Here is the Tommy Windsor routine: Six solid yellow checkers are shown, and one blue checker. All six yellow checkers are placed on the rod and the blue one is on top of the stack. The stack is covered and the blue one is passed thru the yellow checkers and when uncovered, it is now found on the bottom.

All checkers are removed from rod, and replaced so that the blue checker is now SECOND from the top. Stack is covered once more. You say you’ll pass the blue checker from 2nd from the top to second from the bottom . . . the cover is lifted, and sure enough, the blue one is now second from the bottom in the stack.

Checkers are now covered again, and the next time you remove the cover there are FOUR BLUE CHECKERS . . . every other checker being a blue one.

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