Review by Larry Wilfong for Snake Basket by Jack Hughes

Review by Larry Wilfong for Snake Basket by Jack Hughes
Review by Larry Wilfong for Snake Basket by Jack Hughes
5 out of 5

The Grand Daddy of Snake Baskets

This is the Grand Daddy to Chance Wolf’s wonderful limited edition Snake Basket.

In typical Hughes’ fashion an ingenious combination of unexpected events occur with very little effort on the part of the performer. The actual "mechanism" or to be more correct COMBINATION of mechanisms operates on several low tech and very reliable principles.

There are NO ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS and NO WIND-UP MOTORS, etc. to worry the performer. All of the SIMPLE mechanics are triggered from OUTSIDE the basket.

Initially a green snake with yellow spots shyly pokes his head out of the top of his basket and then stands up tall with the basket lid spinning on his head

Thus begins a very entertaining SERIES of effects including a comic revelation of a (really) freely selected colored ping pong ball when Sammy the Snake physically tosses the chosen colored ball out of the basket.

A comedy interlude is included when a smaller (rattle?) snake jumps out of the basket, and a patch of grass appears on Sammy’s head> all accompanied by the appropriate scripted patter.

The original instruction sheets which are still with this gem include patter and full presentations by June Cochran and another full routine by John G. Turner.

This thoroughly enjoyable set is climaxed by Sammy’s going down into his basket and sifting through a full deck of cards to find a signed card (no force)…of course he tosses several cards up and out of the basket in the process…only to rise out of his basket one final time with the chosen card proudly displayed in his mouth!

This review and picture is courtesy of THE ED ROSENTHAL COLLECTION.

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