Review by Greg for Dean's Box by Dean Dill

Review by Greg for Dean's Box by Dean Dill
Review by Greg for Dean's Box by Dean Dill
5 out of 5

Something to Talk About

Did you ever want to be able to present an effect that will leave people with something to talk about? This is that effect.

Dean’s Box is simply a box, which is why it is so provocative. Its simplicity is its greatest strength. The design of the box, the finish of the box, even the size of the box all coalesce into a kind of magic Gestalt that becomes almost mystical. You have to witness a performance to believe it.

I liken this effect to a spirit cabinet. The performer presents a container but never explains what’s inside. He proceeds to take two ordinary ropes…and they are…and place them into each end of the cabinet and out through the top. For a moment he covers them. When he releases them they are linked. He does this once more under even more impossible conditions and they join again. As a climax a solid brass ring is introduced…and it is solid. One of the two ropes is freely chosen and thread through the holes in the box. The ring is thrown inside. When the front of the box is opened the ring is now on the rope. Solid through solid, not once, not twice, but three times under ever increasingly impossible conditions.

Are spirits at work, or just great magic? That’s the beauty of Dean’s Box, it can be presented either way. This effect may seem like just a box, but it contains so much more. It won’t leave them talking, it will leave them speechless.

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