Review by George Guerra for La Glace Liquide by Richard Gerlitz

Review by George Guerra for La Glace Liquide by Richard Gerlitz
Review by George Guerra for La Glace Liquide by Richard Gerlitz
5 out of 5


It’s been almost 3 years since Richard last released a "major" item (last one was the impressive Orb of Truth). What a gorgeous frame was unwrapped from the large shipping box today (even my wife commented that it was much more impressive than any picture on Richard’s site…and I agree).

Putting it together was quick..just add the mirror mechanism onto the back of the frame, slide two brass retainers, and tighten the two screws. The mechanism is an engineering feast to look upon and observe in action. The mirror moves invisibly even with your eyes up close…just be sure there is no dust on the surface (a little spray from Dust-Off will do the trick…best choice overall, as the non-moving mirror parts are thin and fragile)

The art nouveau relief is quite more raised than one would imagine from the images and it’s utterly gorgeous…even with no magical qualities, the frame would stand alone as a work of art in anyone’s home. I can tell you it will definitely be an attention getter, so be prepared to perform.

So what does the spectator see? A performer with a silk in hand, gently cleaning the middle of the mirror in a gentle, circular motion. Suddenly, the silk starts to shrink, imploding in an eerie, slow, steady pace, down to a mere speck under the fingertips before vanishing completely. The hand is withdrawn and all is as it was, a clean mirror surface. The outfit comes with three colored silks, 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch square.

Overall, I am so happy with this latest Gerlitz piece. 3 years was a long wait, though Richard gave us a few mentalism morsels last year to help. This definitely stands out as one of my favorites from Richard.

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