Review by Andy Martin for Trapped by 3D Magic Works

Review by Andy Martin for Trapped by 3D Magic Works
Review by Andy Martin for Trapped by 3D Magic Works
5 out of 5

Kent Bergmann is taking 3D Printers to the next level and and raising our expectations of what 3D Magic should look like. His recent effects have just been amazing. I can’t imagine how much work and how long it takes for these bad boys to be printed, but I’m sure if you were to travel to Kent’s workshop you would hear the printers cranking away 24 hours a day.

This item is Kent’s version of the old Don Potts classic effect: The Mystery of The Pyramids that was released by U.F. Grant in 1965. A few craftsman have created their own versions each with their own twists. But what I really like about Kent’s version is that it seems to be the first one that has a really good story line that makes the props make some sense. The effect and story is just part one of a Trilogy which should get most collectors excited. I would even say that the story was so much fun that I’m looking forward to the next installment in the trilogy. Maybe not Game of Thrones, but it is a magic trick after all 🙂

This is another amazing effect from Kent that you cannot miss out on. It works very smoothly and looks great and is very solidly made.

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