Review by Andy Martin for PrestoCrate XL March 2018 by Winsome Wizards Emporium

Review by Andy Martin for PrestoCrate XL March 2018 by Winsome Wizards Emporium
Review by Andy Martin for PrestoCrate XL March 2018 by Winsome Wizards Emporium
5 out of 5

There is a new magic company in Austin, TX called Winsome Wizards Emporium,  that has just launched and I think they are worth taking a serious look at.  In addition to offering a full line of magic, they are creating a monthly set of products called PrestoCrates where they deliver a cool box of unique and different magic to your doorstep once a month.  The subscriptions come in three designations:

  • Original (for beginner to intermediate magicians)
  • Cardition (for Card Lovers)
  • XL (for eXpert Level)

For March I tried out the PrestoCrate XL and even though I have added literally 1000’s of tricks to this site and seen many 100’s more, I was not familiar with any of the 5 items that came to my door and so was quite excited to pour through the items.  The March box includes:

  • Magma by Kyle Marlett ($60 retail) – great gimmick to add some serious punch to any transformation in your hands.
  • Solitary by Cameron Francis ($20 retail) – a very practical signed coin to impossible location that doesn’t use any gimmicks and uses a common-place coin holder for some really amazing routines.
  • Sh4de by Daniel Garcia ($20 retail) – a really lovely handling for a non-gimmicked chink-a-chink routine which is the only item that really takes some serious practice to do well.  It doesn’t even seem that difficult, but the timing will certainly take some work.  But if you have the time wouldn’t it be cool to do this wonderful routine with just 4 normal coins anytime and anywhere?
  • Espionage: Secret Intelligence by The Enchantment ($17 retail) – this is another item (like Solitary above) making clever use of a very simple idea that if you put the time in to learn the routines you could really have some strong magic at the tips of your fingers.
  • Heart Strings by Peter Samelson ($60 retail) – Gypsy thread has been one of my favorites for years and this version by Peter Samelson is nothing short of beautiful.

With the exception of Magma, none of these tricks are push-button magic – they will require some practice.  But they are all strong routines and worth the practice for sure.  I’m quite surprised how good each item is and it goes to show you that a DVD and some basic props really are the way to go if you actually want to impress an audience.  We might like our shiny boxes and our cool gimmicks, but the magic that we actually perform to real people are effects just like these ones.

I wish Eric and his team at Winsome Wizards the best of luck in this new venture and look forward to April’s crate with anticipation!

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