Review by Andy Martin for Mental Die by Anverdi

Review by Andy Martin for Mental Die by Anverdi
Review by Andy Martin for Mental Die by Anverdi
5 out of 5

Another Anverdi classic that looks and works perfectly. I’ve been meaning to track one of these beauties down for a few years now, and finally found one in almost new condition that works flawlessly. When this came out 20 – 30 years ago (?) it was a sure fire miracle. Now of course there are probably dozens of similar effects and I’m not sure how convincing any of them are these days, with the amazing things you can do with smart phones.

Even if it is not as amazing as it once was due to technologies advances, it clearly shows how advanced Anverdi himself was. The fact that his electronic miracles still work so well today is a testament to his genius. With this die the transmitter is fairly large, but it has a long lead that allows you to hide the small LED output under your watch strap (for example) so you can easily see which side of the die up without apparently having anything in your hands or looking off stage. Works perfectly and in the right setting can still be a fooler for sure.

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