Review by Andy Martin for Little Star (1 or 10) by Thomas Pohle

Review by Andy Martin for Little Star (1 or 10) by Thomas Pohle
Review by Andy Martin for Little Star (1 or 10) by Thomas Pohle
5 out of 5

Here is another clever beauty from Germany’s modern day micro-magic master craftsman: Thomas Pohle.  The basic effect is one where a freely chosen star disappears from one tube only to appear printed on a previously shown blank plaque.

But Thomas has put in some features to throw off the scent for magicians.  The vanish of the star is the cleverest part of this effect – if you watch the video after the star has vanished he then breaks open the tube and there is clearly nothing in there – no missing star.  If you think about this it really defies explanation and it will fool magicians and lay people alike.  Even the reappearance of the star on the blank tablet has a nice feature because not only can you show the tablet clearly blank on both sides it can be any one of the colors.

The two minor downsides with this effect are:

  • Mechanically there is a lot going on and so much so that after making ten of these Thomas stopped production – the tolerances and effort were too much!  If you have one that is not a downside of course 🙂
  • You have to spend some time practicing the disappearance and the appearance of the correct star.  But read the instructions, particularly the extra ones that Joe Long added for Thomas, watch the explanation video from Thomas, and spend some time with the props in your hand to really understand what is going on.  It reads more complex than it is and once you have played with it for a while you will be fine, but make sure to give it the time it deserves.

If you do, you’ll have a fooler that looks amazing. 

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