Review by Andy Martin for Flexible Glass by Wellington Enterprises

Review by Andy Martin for Flexible Glass by Wellington Enterprises
Review by Andy Martin for Flexible Glass by Wellington Enterprises
5 out of 5

The original version of this effect known as Bending Glass (or Flexible Glass) was invented by British Magician Oswald Rae c. 1945, and was released by Max Andrews. A later improvement replaced the glass with a mirror which is what Wellington Enterprises are showing here. But they did not stop there.

This improved version of the Flexible Glass effect was initially designed for Doug Henning who made it a feature in his fifth TV Special in 1979. Doug came up with the idea of replacing the usual paper with a knitted bag to cover the frame. Wellington also improved the design of the mirror by employing a deceptive design for the frame. Though several have copied this idea, many have not fully understood the logic behind Wellington’s design.

Also the bag covering the frame is not larger than the frame and the unique frame method allows it to appear that the frame is being folded nearly in half. The bag may appear to be too small, but it will easily stretch over the frame. When inserting the knitting needle through the covered frame, it can be pushed through at an angle which makes the whole illusion even more effective.

This Flexible Glass is easily the most effective I have seen and there were very few built so they are hard to come by. I was sorely tempted to keep this bad boy 🙂

_EF A framed mirror is placed within a cloth bag and a large knitting needle is pushed through the bag and mirror. As a finale, the mirror is folded in half! The mirror is then removed from the bag and shown to be completely restored.

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