Review by Andy Martin for Coin Wand by Joe Porper

Review by Andy Martin for Coin Wand by Joe Porper
Review by Andy Martin for Coin Wand by Joe Porper
4 out of 5

Professor Hoffman your Coin Wand is here!

Ever since I saw the Coin Wand in $link( target=_blank, Hoffman’s Modern Magic) (page 203 in my edition) I have always thought this was a cool utility device. Until this baby arrived I had never actually seen one up close.

The wand is nicely made and works very smoothly. It allows you to vanish and appear as many dollar sized coins as you fancy – without any difficult sleights or moves.

The choice of a Dollar coin as opposed to a Half Dollar is interesting: on the one hand the coins are clearly visible from quite a distance, but the downside is the wand has these unusual slightly flared ends to accomodate the size of the coin. I do most of my magic in close-up and parlour settings these days, so I would have preferred the smaller sized coins with less of a flare. However, if you are using this in the bigger venue then you probably won’t even notice the taper and you really benefit from the bigger coin. It is probably a small point, but worth mentioning.

Otherwise, this is another fine magic utility from Joe Porper.

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