Review by Andy Martin for Cesaral Spirit Bell (Antique Finish) by Cesaral

Review by Andy Martin for Cesaral Spirit Bell (Antique Finish) by Cesaral
Review by Andy Martin for Cesaral Spirit Bell (Antique Finish) by Cesaral
5 out of 5

The Search for the Perfect Spirit Bell is OVER!

I must thank Mark Stevens of Stevens Magic for getting this to me over the holidays. It is phenomenal!

I’ve see quite a few spirit bells over the years, but this one from Cesar Alonso at Cesaral Magic is easily the best. I chose the Antique Finish which really makes the bell look like a beaten up piece of junk but it works amazingly well – really clear ring. And ZERO signs of how it works. Even the ringer looks innocent. The size is perfect too – it just looks like an old bell you’d find lying around rather than a high-tech device. If you are going to use electronics for anything – they need to be this well thought out.

Yes the bell is electronic and can be recharged just by plugging the adapter in the wall. There is even a green light to tell you when it is charged. How nice of them.

This bell is 100% under your control and what is even more impressive is there are various modes that add a time delay to when the bell rings, so you can press one of the five buttons on the small remote and 5 or 10 seconds later the bell rings. There is even a programmed mode where it sleeps, rings, sleeps, rings, sleeps, rings, sleeps, rings. Really great idea. You could literally press one button then do your routine.

I love this so much I have just ordered the non-antique version – I can’t imagine spending the cash on something else that I know won’t come close.

Truly amazing!

Most Highly Recommended for Collectors and Performers who want to amaze!

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