Review by Andy Martin for Bomba Atomica (Taytelbomb) by Eddy Taytelbaum

Review by Andy Martin for Bomba Atomica (Taytelbomb) by Eddy Taytelbaum
Review by Andy Martin for Bomba Atomica (Taytelbomb) by Eddy Taytelbaum
5 out of 5

The Dutch Micro Master Eddy Taytelbaum never fails to please when you handle his magic. Pretty much every time Eddy turns his attention to an effect, whether he is the original inventor or not, he builds the definitive version. Just look at his famous Mummy, Chink-A-Chink, Elevator Dice, and many others.

Eddy’s magic not only looks beautiful, it works flawlessly. Bomba Atomica is another example of his perfection. It is weighted just right and just makes you want to do justice to the effort he put in to create it. Easy to do and it will look amazing in your collection too.

The magician exhibits a round solid block with a hole in the central portion, a wand or rod which will fit comfortably through this hole and a tube to cover the block with a corresponding hole in its closed end. The block is dropped into the tube and the two holes are lined up and the magician places the rod through the corresponding holes between the cover and the block within. Yet at the magician’s command, the block drops out of the tube into his hand, completely disengaging itself from the rod which passes through the end of the tube.

The reverse effect may be done. The rod can be placed through the end of the tube and tie block dropped in from the top and immediately becomes impinged on the rod. The only way to remove the block is by removing the rod.

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