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Small No-Palm Wallet – Original by Jerry O’Connell

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The Finest Quality Magic Wallet? Jerry O’Connell’s wonderful wallets go back at least as far as the 1980’s, and maybe even the 1970’s. Many of his wallets are still made today by Propdog in the UK. I will say that although the new line of Jerry O’Connell wallets are very well made, I do prefer the original ones that Jerry made himself. The leather seems better and they appear thinner overall.

If you have read my reviews over the years you’ll notice I have an affection towards magic wallets. What can I say I am just intrigued by all the styles. However, what has become clear to me is that there isn’t any one wallet that will do all things you need. I have given up saying “This is my new favorite wallet”, because invariably it changes with my next wallet. What I have decided is that if you like wallets there are a number of very fine wallets on the market that each do something unique. There are also many bad wallets on the market.

Effect: This may not be my favorite wallet, but it is certainly the one I use the most and, when it comes to craftsmanship and quality it is hard to beat the beautiful work of Jerry O’Connell. I use his No-Palm Wallet in conjunction with Doc Dixon’s incredible Carpe Cajones and just this year I also use it for Del Ray’s wonderful Computer Deck. Now for this effect, the O’Connell wallet is just perfect. No other wallet I own does the job better, and certainly no wallet is made better.

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1 review for Small No-Palm Wallet – Original by Jerry O’Connell

  1. Andy Martin

    The Wallets to Beat!

    Jerry’s line of leather wallets are so fine it is hard not just to buy everything he makes. I first purchased the larger No-Palm Wallet that Jerry produces – which I love, but sometimes you need that slightly smaller wallet and so Jerry has one just for that occaision.

    The action on both No-Palms is perfect and if you ever wanted to do a card to wallet type effect, but were nervous, with Jerry’s system you can’t fail.

    I think the Grand Canyon is awesome and the use of the word for normal things is way too abused, but sometimes when I look at Jerry’s leather work I do feel a sense of awe!

    Most highly recommended!

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