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Sanada Gimmick Routines by Sanada

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: This is one of those items that like a thumb tip can be either a miracle maker or obvious. Check out the Henry Evans routine to see a great routine using this gimmick. It is one of those items limited only by your imagination. Though usually used with silks or sponge balls there are other great uses. Glue a small powerful magnet to the underside and a whole new world of possibilities open up. Open your mind and go for it!

SANADA GIMMICK is famous worldwide, and a lot of magicians are using it. This new model is composed of an entirely new composite material! TYPE G was specially made from the same material as Thumb Tip made in Japan. It has flexibility, doesn’t break easily.

And, this DVD explains a basic usage and nine routines by SANADA and GINJIRO.

  • One Ball Routine
  • Balls
  • Phoenix Spoon
  • Metamorphic Spoon
  • Chinese Escape
  • Inside the Box
  • B.C.G.(Ball and Clear Glass)
  • G.P.S.(Ginjiro’s Peek with Sanada Gimmick)
  • Shadow of Fingers

Type G Gimmick and Magnet are included.

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