Lightning Coin Purse by Larry Becker

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Larry Becker’s first coin purse was the Universal Coin Purse and this was succeeded by Larry with the Becker Coin Purse Mysteries.  The Lightning Coin Purse is the final improvement that Larry came up with for Coin Purses.

Now and for the first time a “NEW” innovation has been made with the release of the Lightning Coin Purse. The improvement makes selecting the critical folded business card prediction lightning fast. You also get two purses, one gaffed and the other normal so allowing the performer to be totally clean at the end. Several routines are included and here is just one of them.

Effect: Five different objects are placed on a table and a spectator freely thinks of any one. The performer now writes a prediction on a business card which is then folded and placed inside a small leather coin purse. Only one folded card can clearly shown to be inside. The spectator now reveals the object that they freely selected and the performer removes the folded card from the purse. Written on the business card is the name of the selected object.

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