Universal Coin Purse by Larry Becker

(c. 1982) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This was the first version of Coin Purse released by Larry Becker that he derived from El Duco’s Houdini’s Escape.

It was a great item, but Larry went on to create an even more impressive set with Lee Earle call the Becker Coin Purse Mysteries which were beautiful.

Effect: Using five new golden U.S. dollar coins, the performer purchases five $1 bills from members of the audience. Any spectator freely selects and quarter folds any one of the bills which is placed in the spring-top leather coin purse that previously held the golden coins. The purse is then held between the palms of the spectator’s hands. Without hesitation, using clairvoyance, the performer records a serial number on a drawing pad. The spectator then opens the purse and removes his freely selected bill. Unfolding the bill, the spectator calls out the serial number, one digit at a time, as the performer records it beneath the number he previously wrote on the pad. Believe it or not, BOTH NUMBERS ARE IDENTICAL.

The spring-top Coin Purse, beautifully crafted by England’s Roy Roth, is available for Just $40 plus $3.50 via priority mail. Overseas, please add $10 for airmail postage. Other killer routines fully explained.

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2000) ***

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