Forcing Pendulum by Bill Montana

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Effect: Bill Montana never ceases to amaze me, both with the effects that he researches and produces, and equally with respect to how well they work: e.g.  Case and Point, Bill’s Alpha Spinning Nickles.  This new forcing pendulum is a very affordable utility prop which will serve you exceptionally well.   While discussing the uses of it with Bill, (other then the obvious), he touched on one that I have to share with you.  Sometimes, when he is doing readings, the client will ask a very powerful question, the pendulum serves as another authority to convey the right answer, much better then if it came from the reader.

  • No Magnets
  • No Threads
  • No Electronics
  • Completely Self-Contained
  • The pendulum be handed out for inspection before and after use.

In fact, it looks like a normal style of pendulum that is sold in new age shops all over the world.

However this pendulum has one main difference when used you will know the outcome right after you hand it to the person before the pendulum even begins to swing. The pendulum can move in many different directions however from the very start be able to determine this movement before it happens which enables the performer to predict the outcome of a yes, no or maybe question prior to it first movement.

This pendulum has been specially modified using a secret manufacturing process. In fact this process involves four different process to make the forcing pendulum which are kept secret at this time. In the instructions for the Bill Montana’s Forcing Pendulum you will be learn how to use this cleaver yet simple device but will not learn much at all in the way as how it was crafted from a standard pendulum.

Best of all you can use it or you can place it in the hands of a spectator for them to use. This pendulum may also be used as a normal pendulum or a forcing pendulum. The pendulum is made from copper plated steel.

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