Emporium Billet Switching Box by Bill Montana

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Effect: The performer hands a number small blank pieces of paper out to a member of the audience, with a some pencils. A small box is brought out and is sat on the front of the stage floor. This chosen member of the audience is asked to randomly hand out the slips to different members of the audience at random. The members of the audience are instructed to to write a number, city, name, etc… on the slip of paper and fold it in fours so the writing can not be seen then walk up to the box that is sitting on the stage and place there piece of paper inside the slot on this box. Once all the audience members have finished placing their slips in the back they are asked to return to there seats.

Next the mentalist picks up the box and removes the lid of the box and sits it on the table while keeping the bottom section of the box in full view of the audience. At this point the mentalist walks out in to the audience and has some one a pick one of the slips of paper from the box. Next this person unfolds the slip of paper and reads the contents aloud to the audience. Once the chosen selection has been called out the them mentalist directs the audiences attention to an envelope that has been sitting on the table since before the performance began. The mentalist walks back on stage where he picks up the envelope keeping it in full view of the audience where it is opened and a single piece of paper is pulled out with the word written on it just called out by the member of the audience that was freely selected from the box.

The specialty designed box is made from cabinet grade Baltic Birch and is built to last under the toughest touring conditions.

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