Excelsior Coin Wand Plus by Steven Dick

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Effect: The perfect conjuring accessory for the production of full-size half dollars at the tip of a MASTERFULLY CRAFTED Wand! Expertly machined from gleaming brass, this wand is completely self-contained and practically works itself! The EXCELSIOR Coin Wand is an updated classic from magic’s GOLDEN AGE! The wand is 12″ long and is truly a thing of beauty. It uses a real, tri-fold half dollar which can be shown on both sides when produced. And the wand’s clever construction allows for easy, routine maintenance.

With the EXCELSIOR Coin Wand you can produce a silk from thin air or load folded bills or playing cards into your hand, an envelope or even an egg!

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Approx. Price: $185.00 (2013) ***

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