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A-Bag-Cadabra by Bazar de Magia

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Effect: A-Bag-Cadabra is excellent to perform a color changing silk, or to switch the card silk. Use it to make little objects appear or vanish, or to change one Dollar bill into 4 quarters! This is not a change bag, in fact, it doesn’t work like them. It is a new concept and a new idea to produce, vanish or change something.

In conjunction with the Thumb Tip which is supplied, this little bag is full of mystery. The heat is always on the bag and never on you. It can be examined and shown empty. With empty hands you reach inside and produce a silk. By inserting your thumb, your free hand grips the thumb tip from the outside of the bag. As you produce the silk, the thumb tip remains inside the bag. You can also use the inner rim of the bag to help slip off the tip. This will allow you to come out clean. The bag is now set for vanishes.

Other thoughts and ideas:
Change a dollar bill into four Quarters by loading four quarters into the bag; the thumb tip on top. Borrow a dollar bill and fold into a small packet. Bring out the bag being certain you keep the coins from rattling. Place the bill into the bag, actually the thumb tip. As you remove your thumb from the bag, you also remove the thumb tip. A magical pass and a little shake then dump out four quarter, Go into your favorite coin trick. At this point, you can load the bill into a lemon for bill from lemon or other such effects.

Change a color of a silk by having a silk pre-loaded in the thumb tip; the thumb tip in the bag. Introduce another silk of different color and place in the bag; actually the thumb tip. Remove thumb tip and hand the bag to someone. As they hold make a magical wave of your hand and allow them to produce a different color silk.

Turn sugar into a sugar packet. Following the same as above, pre-load a packet of sugar in the bag; thumb tip on top of the packet. Pour in some loose sugar, allowing it to fall into the thumb tip. As you mix the sugar around, secretly pull out the thumb tip. Then Turn the bag inside out and produce the sugar packet.

Utilizing two or more thumb tips will result in even more amazing magic. We’ll leave this up to you.

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