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Murphy’s Chest by Bazar de Magia

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The Seven Keys theme was created by Joseph Kolar in 1927, see here for more details.

Effect: Imagine a box with valuables inside and keys freely… honestly freely… chosen and even traded amongst the audience members. You can be given a key that they select. They can even change their minds mid-way through the performance, and trade their keys, or your key. It doesn’t matter. What does matter… and this is the key difference… is that your key always works. But, you never need to touch the box. Yep.

That’s right. Unlike other tricky lock effects where the magician takes the last key and is able to open the lock, this effect is entirely self-working. You always get everything in the box, and you do absolutely nothing.

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2 reviews for Murphy’s Chest by Bazar de Magia

  1. Andy Martin

    Clever, Easy to Do and Amazing!

    Seven Keys to Baldpate, by Theo Anneman and Mark Strivings, started a revolution of keys and lock effects. This one is one of the better ones since the box and the keys can be handled by the spectators and not once does the magician need to touch the box or keys. Very clean and beautifully made.

  2. Todd Reis

    Interesting idea

    As far as I know, this is a clever new approach to a locked box opened by the last key. Presentation is all you have to work on.

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