Zimmer Egg by Dick Zimmerman

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Effect: Egg-ceptional Magic. No-switch silk to egg. This gimmick is used along with a real egg and a great routine. Only one egg used, all done without cover.

Magicians agree that the Sucker Silk to Egg is one of the strongest and most mystifying of all sucker effects – if done well, but few do it because of the built-in problems of existing methods. Now these problems have been eliminated, so YOU can perform this classic virtually anywhere. At no time during the effect do you have to steal or get rid of anything in your table or pockets.

Everything is self-contained in a beautiful wine glass. Remove a 12″ silk from the glass and you’re ready to go. Apparently change the silk into an egg and then do the expose, showing that the silk was really pushed into the hollow egg.

Removing the silk from the egg, you repeat the effect and reveal how you pushed the silk into the egg. When you are ready for the shattering climax. Just pick up the wine glass. You don’t have to get rid of a thing/ Break the egg into the glass. IT’S A REAL EGG – SHELL AND ALL.

By far the most practical and mystifying method ever created for this effect The durable high-impact plastic wine glass magnifies the apparent volume of the egg white, making it visible to any size audience. Everything (including the real egg) may be safely packed and carried to your show in the sturdy container supplied, includes precision-molded fake and lavishly illustrated photo instructions. Use any 12″ silk.

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