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Window Mation by Sean Bogunia

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Effect: Sean Bogunia is a name we trust. He does some of the best electronics in the business. We normally shy away from electronic stuff, but this is top-notch, rock-solid work.

Imagine this; a card is selected from an ordinary deck and is shuffled back into the deck. The magician spring tosses the cards at a nearby window and as the cards fall to the floor, the selected card is seen stuck to the window, ON THE OUTSIDE! Anyone can touch the glass to see for themselves that the card is truly ON THE OUTSIDE! But, wait there’s more! Now your spectator sprays the window with window cleaner, and as you wipe with a paper towel, THE CARD DISAPPEARS! IT REALLY IS GONE!

No other card to window works or looks as good as this one extremely easy to set up and after your set up it takes less than 20 seconds to reset to do the effect again. Windomation can also be performed with a jumbo card. No other card through window gimmick allows so many possibilities!

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Approx. Price: $375.00 (2006) ***

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