CupWow by Ron Jaxon, Sean Bogunia

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Effect: The long awaited CupWow is finally available! Ron Jaxon and Sean Bogunia have teamed up to revolutionize one of the oldest pieces of magic in History! Cups and Balls have been around for centuries, yet very few advances have been made with this classic….That is until now!

CupWow allows you to do many of the classic Cups and Balls and Chop Cup routines, but the vanishes, productions and color changes are now much more visible! And easier! Also, CupWow can do much more than just Cups and Balls!

With CupWow you can:

  • Make objects levitate and defy gravity!
  • Vanish, Switch, and Transform objects!
  • Stack Jaxon Cubes, and much, much more!

CupWow comes with everything you need to get started! Each CupWow is made right here in our shop and is personally tested by Ron Jaxon or Sean Bogunia before they are shipped! You will not be disappointed!

CupWow comes with:

  • The CupWow Cup – With the new CupWow gimmick. The gimmick also contains a classic chop cup gimmick.
  • Ron Jaxon CupWow Cubes – For an amazing dice stacking type routine.
  • Chop Cup Gimmicked ball – Can be used for classic chop cup moves, very visual color changes and final loads.
  • Instructional DVD – Teaches all you need to know about your CupWow gimmick. Also teaches a variety of moves and routines that you can do with CupWow.

(Almost everything you see in the above video is taught on the DVD)

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Approx. Price: $129.00 (2010) ***

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