Visible Ribbon Fusion by Petrick & Mia

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Effect: The best part of this effect was the really high quality locking reel that came with the outfit: the PM Magic Reel. You don’t see this sort of quality and long life very often today. 2″ in diameter with locking mechanism and very quiet and smooth. 45″ long pull and extremely fast. Strong enough to be used as a vanisher. With the exchangeable tips this reel will allow you to vanish cards, coins, keys, rings, silks, roses, ribbons, balls, cans and glasses, and many other objects. And it comes with a lifetime warranty on locking mechanism.

Show five 11″ strips of ribbon, then openly “blend” them into one LONG strip. Real magic. Great opening effect for appearing doves or flowers. Killer for manipulators!

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Approx. Price: $95.00 (2000) ***

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